TdF winner?

According with http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/alberto-contador-suspended-over-traces-of-clenbuterol-from-tour-de-france-test: "The following is the UCI's release in full addressing the matter:

The UCI confirmed today that Spanish rider Alberto Contador returned an adverse analytical finding for clenbuterol following the analysis of urine sample taken during an in competition test on 21st July 2010 on the second rest day of the Tour de France. This result was reported by the WADA accredited laboratory in Cologne to UCI and WADA simultaneously.

“The concentration found by the laboratory was estimated at 50 picograms (or 0,000 000 000 05 grams per ml) which is 400 time less than what the antidoping laboratories accredited by WADA must be able to detect.”

In view of this very small concentration and in consultation with WADA, the UCI immediately had the proper results management proceedings conducted including the analysis of B sample that confirmed the first result. The rider, who had already put an end to his cycling season before the result was known, was nevertheless formally and provisionally suspended as is prescribed by the World Anti-Doping Code.

This case required further scientific investigation before any conclusion could be drawn. The UCI continues working with the scientific support of WADA to analyse all the elements that are relevant to the case. This further investigation may take some more time.

“In order to protect the integrity of the proceedings and in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code, the UCI will refrain from making any further comments until the management of this adverse analytical finding has been completed."

Now, you saw my tweets: "My first first thought was: if it's true, what must have passed / felt Andy in those days, coz obviously they knew". My second though was: so... TdF winner?

But how frustrating and sad all that is! Rebellin just got a 2 years ban and so Andy should also got his victory in Fleche (don't speack about Olympics mhm!!) http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/monaco-federation-confirms-rebellins-doping-ban.

I don't know if you know how these WADA controls works, but if and when something finally comes out it means that a lot of evidences were on the table. I am not happy. I would have been happy to see Andy atop the Paris podium in July.


He did it again!! He did it 4!! He rised 4 fingers and bent his gold crowned helmet for a perfect pictures. He won because was able to focus and got in the zonei n the middle of a storm. BRAVO Fabian. And bravo isn't enough but words can't really say the world - as Wittgenstein said - neither the Worlds.
2nd an amazing 'old' Millar, 3th a (defeated) T. Martin, 4th an unbelivable R. Porte. What a day!
1 Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) 0:58:09
2 David Millar (Great Britain) 0:01:02
3 Tony Martin (Germany) 0:01:12
4 Richie Porte (Australia) 0:01:19
5 Michael Rogers (Australia) 0:02:25
6 Koos Moerenhout (Netherlands) 0:02:40
7 Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Spain) 0:02:44
8 David Zabriskie (United States Of America) 0:02:51
9 Maciej Bodnar (Poland) 0:03:00
10 Gustav Larsson (Sweden) 0:03:01


Something about me you should know

This blog is about Andy but also a little about me, because it's my blog and I am not so profesional to avoid my mood to affect my job. Sometimes I write I'm happy - or super happy - and often you see I'm sad. Really sad. My mood isn't exclusively Andy-related, even if he's important for me and can defintely makes me smile for days (or cry, of course). But you know nothing, so I decided to tell in short who I am. Skip it if you don't care :)
I am in my thirty and I was a political left militant in my past life. I mean: street fights, demonstrations, strikes, flyers, unlegal night postering and wall writing - really amusing - police confrontation - not amusing - long long meetings, adventurous trips to country like Turkish Kurdistan, Iran, Mexican Chiapas and everywhere in Europe, (no)sleeping and (no)eating in bizarre - sometimes dangerous - places.
I have been the joungest elected in the local adminitration of my town, but it was too boring to me around there. I prefered syndacate
and workers organization, where I was in the national committee. How many stories I could tell you about that time... but belive me, it was another life, another world. My political party was badly defeated and probably it was also his fault, so I have no regret.
You see I
was a rebel and still I am, always loved my indipendence and living my life. I was very good at school but teachers couldn't stand me because I treated them as equal and wanted their respect to give the mine. I got my degree in Philosophy and was one of the best students of my teacher. In a normal country I would be there now and my books in the library, but Italy isn't...
I had a lot of talent e
verybody told me since when I was a child. But talent isn't enough if you don't have a supportive family and friends helping you to find your way. Something went wrong with me somewhere or maybe I made it wrong, because to be a rebel is cool but you pay for that. Avoiding to bore you too much, I'll say that I just fucked my career, in the Uni as in politics. And went living with my love - that's my son's dad and ex-hub - when I was definitely too young.
He was - and is - a very sporty and alternative man: cylist (not racer), skier, green extremist and mountain fanatic. A good, honest, brave man... but with no ideas about what a family is and how to make happy a girl. It didn't work. I had only another man, a camerade and syndacate leader. He was a part of the story of the revolutionary movement and one of the sexiest man I ever met, but god what jerk! But try to understand me, I didn't care so much about love and guys at that time.
So I found myself unemplyed, alone and with a baby. Really really cool!
I promised to be short and there are many things I can't say. But I think now you can understand better when I say I'm sad.
In spite of that, I made my life and love it. Honestly I had lots of experiences that few people of my age had. Finally I have my house, my job - B&B and I (try to) work as a teacher in the hight school
- my son, my blog. But if you ask me what I am, I say I'm a writer: I wrote articles about international politics, posts about cycling, interviews of racers but also of Iranian feminists, but also poems and stories and philosophilcal essays (www.chorart.blogspot.com). And cycling? I love nature and outdoor activities, wanted to go living in small village on the Alpes with my ex, so biking, skying, trekking, freecamping in the forest, climbing are all stuff I used to do. As a single mum I have few time for that, but I excape now and then to lost (or find) my self in the country.
And races? When I was a child I was in lo
ve with Stephen Roche and I never really stoped watching Tour de France and Giro d'Italia.
I think I'm a brave girl, never afraid about fighting and suffering, but I was really down, broken... the first time I saw Andy Schleck. It wasn't in the Giro 2007, I was too busy that year, I 'saw' it but didn't noticed him. It was the Tour de France 2008: Bonnette, Prato
nevoso, Alpe d'Huez... he was amazing. I was crying my heart out but forgot everything. Andy's smile is so sweet and beautiful to make me feel like to enjoy life again.
Well, that is. I hope you are still awake and not too much scoffing at me :)
I am a pretty girl, a sweet kisser and a very good cook!

WORLDS 2013 IN FLORENCE!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

You are ALL invited!!!!!

Worlds in Oz: TT U23 Taylor EXAGERETING! TT Women: Pooley

...but I am proud, for a change, of the Italian nationa team: Bettini, who invited ehm called all his friends in that holyday in Australia, in spite of results, couldn't find a racer for the elite TT, because Pinotti got sick and guys like Malori or Cataldo were left at home. Mammini is 6th and Leonardi 13th BRAVI!! and now you'd better to emigrate in a decent country with a decent cycling federation. In the women TT the 'good old' Longo risked to win! but - fortunately? - Emma Pooley did in the end. Here too the Italians raced very well: Guderzo 10, Cantele 12. No Lux so I was allowed to be a little nationalist.
Pic 1-2 by Bettini, pic 3 by Riccardo Scanferla: great photographer, remember his name!
U23 TT
1 Taylor Phinney (United States Of America) 0:42:50.29
2 Luke Durbridge (Australia) 0:00:01.90
3 Marcel Kittel (Germany) 0:00:24.01
4 Nélson Oliveira (Portugal) 0:00:27.96
5 Rohan Dennis (Australia) 0:00:46.87
6 Matteo Mammini (Italy) 0:00:49.88
7 Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands) 0:01:06.55
8 Jesus Herrada Lopez (Spain) 0:01:18.48
9 Andrei Krasilnikau (Belarus) 0:01:35.62
10 Geoffrey Soupe (France) 0:01:38.21
11 Johan Le Bon (France) 0:01:39.62
12 Jakub Novak (Czech Republic) 0:01:51.71
13 Gianluca Leonardi (Italy) 0:02:04.33
14 Arthur Van Overberghe (Belgium) 0:02:13.52
15 Andrew Talansky (United States Of America) 0:02:21.59
Women TT
1 Emma Pooley (Great Britain) 0:32:48.44
2 Judith Arndt (Germany) 0:33:03.61
3 Linda Melanie Villumsen (New Zealand) 0:33:04.24
4 Amber Neben (United States Of America) 0:33:26.10
5 Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (France) 0:33:32.38
6 Evelyn Stevens (United States Of America) 0:33:48.52
7 Tara Whitten (Canada) 0:33:54.35
8 Shara Gillow (Australia) 0:34:01.62
9 Emilia Fahlin (Sweden) 0:34:10.64
10 Tatiana Guderzo (Italy) 0:34:13.99
11 Emma Johansson (Sweden) 0:34:22.32
12 Noemi Cantele (Italy) 0:34:29.59


Andy found!

André Steensen said: "Just came back from training with Andy Schleck in the rain... Wow he's flying! Just wait and see in the italian races!!" Ah yes, I'm looking forward!!

The Magnetic Lady to Her Patient

Sorry dudes, I'm so sad. But I'll be better next month :)

PB Shelley

The Magnetic Lady to Her Patient

'Sleep, sleep on! forget thy pain;
My hand is on thy brow,
My spirit on thy brain;
My pity on thy heart, poor friend;
And from my fingers flow _5
The powers of life, and like a sign,
Seal thee from thine hour of woe;
And brood on thee, but may not blend
With thine.

'Sleep, sleep on! I love thee not; _10
But when I think that he
Who made and makes my lot
As full of flowers as thine of weeds,
Might have been lost like thee;
And that a hand which was not mine _15
Might then have charmed his agony
As I another's--my heart bleeds
For thine.

'Sleep, sleep, and with the slumber of
The dead and the unborn _20
Forget thy life and love;
Forget that thou must wake forever;
Forget the world's dull scorn;
Forget lost health, and the divine
Feelings which died in youth's brief morn; _25
And forget me, for I can never
Be thine.

'Like a cloud big with a May shower,
My soul weeps healing rain
On thee, thou withered flower! _30
It breathes mute music on thy sleep
Its odour calms thy brain!
Its light within thy gloomy breast
Spreads like a second youth again.
By mine thy being is to its deep _35

'The spell is done. How feel you now?'
'Better--Quite well,' replied
The sleeper.--'What would do _39
You good when suffering and awake?
What cure your head and side?--'
'What would cure, that would kill me, Jane:
And as I must on earth abide
Awhile, yet tempt me not to break
My chain.'


Quote of the day

I found that on Mari Holden's fb and would like to be able to: “Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.” Mark Twain

Midnight... ghost(s) time


Worlds in Oz: allez den Roude Léiw! allez Frank!

Frankie twitted: "2night leaving all my folks to go to ausralia feeling very good shape, coming out of the vuelta let s go for nice result in OZ." and according to Cyclingnews Worlds preview he could be one of the favourites, in spite of his small team. Gilbert seems the number one, but Pippo Pozzato is another name to not forget. But that men elite road race looks very open this year, with Freire looking for his Big Slam, climbers hoping in an hard game (Cadel Evans) and sprinters aiming to a bunch sprint (Cavendish). As usual I support den Roude Léiw and moreover this year, because I completely agree with Mario Cipollini: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/cipollini-questions-the-strength-of-italian-team
BDW Sexy pics never bad:
Good luck Frankie!!!

The Worlds land Down Under in 2010

Geelong will be more than a match for world's best

By:Les Clarke

Time trials

The obvious candidate for another gold in the elite men's time trial is Fabian Cancellara. The Suisse has enjoyed another stellar season in 2010 with a Paris-Roubaix title to go with the Tour of Flanders crown he took in the same week for an incredible Spring performance.

There's one main climb to the top of Scenic Rd that he'll have to contend with, although topping out at just 120m it shouldn't trouble him too much. His biggest rival is likely to come in the form of young German Tony Martin, who has also enjoyed a solid 2010 and said after the Eneco Tour last month: "The world time trial championships are my big objective for the end of the season even if I know that [Fabian] Cancellara is almost unbeatable. But if I'm having a good day, and he a less good [day], why not dream of a world title?"


The elite women's time trial world title has been dominated by the American women in recent years, with Kristin Armstrong taking gold last year and in Salzburg, Austria, in 2006, while fellow American Amber Neben sealed the deal in Varese, Italy in 2008. Both women finished in the top four in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2007.

Armstrong has since retired and at 36 Neben is now in the twilight of her career, so the field is very open in Geelong. Local lass Vicki Whitelaw could be a chance, although fellow Australian Ruth Corset, who recently took out the time trial at the Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l'Ardèche, won't be doing the race against the clock.

It also leaves the door open for Germany's Charlotte Becker, who will ride the road race and time trial and was selected over 2007 world champion in the event, Hanka Kupfernagel. She has enjoyed a solid season for the Cervélo TestTeam and could well be a dark horse for a medal in Australia.

Road races

In the women's field, it could come down to a battle of four squads: Australia, Italy, Holland and Germany. The local ladies have some form riders, with former triathlete Carla Ryan recently winning the final stage of the Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l'Ardèche in convincing fashion.


The Germans possess an intimidating lineup that includes no less than three HTC-Columbia riders and three Cervélo squad members. With the evergreen Judith Arndt and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg spearheading the attack, Becker, Sarah Düster, Claudia Häusler, Luise Keller and Trixi Worrack will provide excellent support.

They'll also be up against Marianne Vos and the Dutch women, including Annemiek Van Vleuten, who won the Route de France earlier this year in what has been a breakout season for her.


The elite men will undertake a windswept run south from Melbourne to the port city of Geelong for the opening 83 km of their race. Cycling Australia's high performance manager Shayne Bannan believes that "the first 83km may or may not play a significant role in the actual race - if it is windy, drizzly conditions then it could be similar to the first 100km of a Dutch or Belgian Classic.

"The total ascending of the course is 3,076m - in comparison with other courses, if we look at Mendrisio last year, it had a total climbing meterage of 4,655m. There's about 1,400m difference if you're looking at rating the course. This course is probably a little more difficult than Madrid, so it's around a Stuttgart or Salzburg-type of course.

"The difference - and this is where it could play a significant role in how the course is raced - is that the climbing is in the last 180km as opposed to 3,076m being spread over the 260km distance. Therefore, the type of rider we were looking for is someone who would be quite successful in the Ardennes Classics."

Consequently, Phillipe Gilbert has been labelled the man to watch, given his stage-winning form at the Vuelta a España, the recent withdrawal of Spanish rider Joaquin Rodriguez and the Belgian's propensity to perform well in April's energy-sapping Classics in southern Belgium and Holland.

It also explains why the home nation's selectors chose reigning world champion Cadel Evans and Simon Gerrans to lead the squad, with Allan Davis and Matt Goss waiting in the wings should a bunch sprint be the eventuality at the end of 260km.

But of that possibility, Italian national team manager Paolo Bettini said earlier this year: "I don't think it is a good fit for sprinters. It could be that a sprinter would win, but it will be a sprinter that has a lot of resistance in the harder parts of the course.

"It is a course, especially for the winner, that requires a lot of stress." He should know - he won two consecutive world titles on courses that were similar to what's on offer in Geelong.

That said, the man who finished fourth behind Bettini in 2007, Fränk Schleck, must surely go into the race as an outside chance for the win although his younger brother Andy, runner up in this year's Tour de France, has opted out of riding the world championships.

And whilst Andy was sent home from Vuelta for his late-night drinking trip with another Worlds rider, Stuart O'Grady, Fränk should be bringing strong form into the world titles as he's developing optimal conditioning during the three weeks of the year's final grand tour.

He'll have Italian Filippo Pozzato and Russia's Alexandr Kolobnev to contend with, the latter a narrow runner up to Bettini in 2007 and always a chance on a hilly circuit suited to powerful rather than pure climbers. Pozzato is very motivated for the challenge in Australia and recently said on his Cyclingnews blog that he'd love to swap his normal Katusha jersey for one bearing rainbow stripes. He rode the course with Bettini and Giovanni Visconti in July and has a little insider's knowledge already.

Of the sprinters, Oscar Freire is potentially the best-equipped to deal with the climbing on offer. "Definitely he [Freire] is a person we need to be careful of," said Bettini. The veteran Spaniard is the back-up plan should the likes of Rodriguez falter or be discounted due to a bunch kick prevailing.

There's also the aforementioned Davis for the home team, in addition to Great Britain's Mark Cavendish, who will be out to prove the doubters wrong and show that he can handle the tough Geelong circuit en route to a possible Worlds win.


Andy wanted

If it's 'dramatical-ly' why is it not 'dramatical'? no no: 'dramatic' is def few. I personally didn't hear from Andy since the 13th of September (or the 14th if you prefer, given that it was midnight), but his last tweet is of the 12th - oh yeah, I stalk it attentively as an angry reader wrote - and I was quite surprised to find no comments about the final result of Big Bro in Vuelta. Last Andy's diary on Cyclingnews is of July the 29, so we had no diary in August and I suspect we'll have nothing in September. Last 'interview' is probably that about his 'responsabilities' in the 'beergate' - as humorous blogmate said. Is he wisely keeping a low profile after that no extacly edifying story? But should cyclists be edifying? Is evading taxes less unedifying then geting drunk in a really wrong moment? Pippo's diary is on line...
Or maybe Andy decided to stop writing and start training super hard to build a super shape and report that fucking Lombardia? Fucking yes, because I fucking love that race and I am fucking disappointed since too many years seeing Andy and Frank skiping it. Lombardia suits Andy and Andy should care a bit more about his palmares. Tour de France is pure glory, I agree. But Liège is a legend too and all classics are worth to be on his crown, aren't they? come on Andy, move your ass and let us celebrate another fantastic victory! Sometimes I thing you are lazy.
Anyway, if Andy's pc is brocken he can always use his blackberry to add friends on fb, because he does. So hopefully he could also answer a mail. Kim Andersen assured me last night that "hi is ok, all god", so don't worry - I worried - he'll be back and more glorious then before.
1. If some blogmates here met him around lately - fishing, cycling or dancing - can tell us in the comments area of course.
2. About the new team: I wait till the official presentation at the end of October. All these rumors aready fed me up. It seems to me that Luxembourgish medias are a part of a planned game, not just newspapers. For sure Mercedes will be a main sponsor, because I know for sure that they will have a new Mercedes bus. Hell yeah! as Danny would say.


Nice interview of Jensi by Cyclingnews

Luxembourg team looking likely for Voigt

By:Greg Johnsonhttp://www.cycl

One-year deal inked, but German won't say with whom

Jens Voigt wouldn't comment on speculation that he will follow the Schleck brothers, Andy and Fränk, to the new Luxembourger team as the German paid a visit to the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, USA this week. Voigt did confirm his professional future is sealed for another season, but his failure to deny parting ways with Bjarne Riis' squad suggests the 39-year-old will leave the Danish outfit.

"I have signed a contract for one more year, but I can't really tell you," Voigt told Cyclingnews.

Voigt is the oldest rider in the professional peloton, however he admitted he'd gladly sign a three-year contract if one had been offered to him. He was typically candid when addressing the topic of how much longer his extensive career would last.

"I've signed for one more year and then we'll see how it goes from there - we'll take it year by year, you know," he said. "When you're 39 years old it's hard to get a three-year contract.

"I would probably take it, yes," he added when asked if he'd accept a three-year deal. "But I don't want to have this moment where I come to races and get dropped all the time and the young kids go 'hey, listen, we know you have been a good rider but now you're past it'.

"That's why it's easier to take it year-by-year, but I'm still confident that if I want to continue I will be good enough to get a new contract."

Despite winning Volta Ciclista a Catalunya's stage four, Voigt named a day at the Tour de France as his highlight for the 2010 season. "I think when I was climbing up the Col de la Madeleine with Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador on my wheel and we took the yellow jersey off the shoulders of Cadel Evans and gave it to Andy," he said. "That was a good moment because I really suffered like a pig to get out there first.

"I knew I was only there to be a platform for Andy, so not for a second was it about me winning the stage," he added. "I knew from the beginning I just had to suffer like a pig to get out there, then wait for Andy and drill it for as long as I can. That was a good moment, I liked that."

Voigt said he was happy with his season, despite not experiencing the level of individual success he'd hoped to achieve. He held a genuine tone when explaining that team victories are just as satisfying as his own glory.

"Of course, you always have a high expectation of yourself," he said. "You're driven, so obviously you'd like to win more, but I had my win plus some good results like sixth in California and sixth at Paris-Nice.

"At a lot of races, I was part of a winning team like at the Tour of Luxembourg then at the Tour de Suisse, Tour of Denmark," he added. "The Tour de France was also a really good experience. So even if I didn't win those races myself I was part of the winning team and that also makes you really, really happy. It's as satisfying as winning yourself.

"I could easily take the crash out of my year, but no, I think it was a good year," he said. "Okay, I crashed at the Tour, but even that turned out to be a funny story when I had to ride on this little yellow bike. It was like a little kids bike because there was no spare bike for me - I rode a tiny, yellow kids bike with toe straps for like 15 or 20 kilometres until I could get on my own spare bike."

A formal announcement of his new team will likely be made next month after Voigt concludes his 2010 season. The German will not represent his homeland at the world championships in Geelong, Australia next week.



....because sometimes you need to be alone, really alone. Don't you?

Frank goes to Worlds, Andy goes to Italy

Luxembourgish medias http://www.wort.lu/wort/web/sport/artikel/2010/09/115343/fraenk-schleck-chancen-stehen-nicht-schlecht.php http://www.lequotidien.lu/index.php/les-sports/15351-Cyclisme-Frank-Schleck-sur-tremplin.html
think that the Melbourne itinerary suits Frank better then how they had hypotesized at first. Weather will play an important role pro or contra but def it will not be a pure sprinters race. There Frank is going to race in Saxo Banker kit for the last time and I'm sure he will try to do something good to thank again Uncle Bjarne: he was the first (and only) to belive in his qualities and helped him a lot to find and keep the self confidence that Frank didn't have. I think that Frank wouldn't change team if Andy and so many friends weren't involved: they always said they would never race one against the other and so he goes but I'm pretty sure that was Andy's decision more. I'll ask him if I manage to interview him finally. But I don't expect an open answer to such an hard question.
The Luxebourgish national team is small this year, only 3 racers: Frank Schleck, Laurent Didier and Ben Gastauer. Andy Schleck declined the call because his final goal this year is the victory in Lombardia, one of the oldest and hardest classics in cycling. But his first race in Italy next month will be the Giro dell'Emila, with that amazing finish on the San Luca hill. Jakob Fuglsang risked to win it last year and I was there supporting him - and making angry the Italians all around me... It was a splendid race and Robert Gesink a splendid winner.
The day after Emilia GP Beghelli will start from Bologna. And then we'll have Milano-Torino and finally Giro di Lombardia. That last one will start from Milano this year, instead then from Varese, and will be harder then usual, keeping the epic climb of San Fermo and the arrival in Como. I'll be there too... waiting for Andy's victory: I want the flowers!!!
Fabian twitted: "About 2011 there is nothing official to say about my future. A lot of rumours bin going on. I dont have eny contract signet somewear"
Pic 2 is by Bettini


Vincenzo Nibali national hero and more

So you were right: V.Nibali (51% voted for him in my poll) won the Vuelta! you know I am not nationalist (for Luxembourg at least, not for Italy) but he's a good guy, worked hard and lives near me, even if he's from Sicily - have a look at a map and you'll understand what that means. He deserved that victory, also dued to the fact that finally Liquigas made him one leader in a great tour. A strong team is a conditio sine qua non in present-day cycling.
In fact Frank Schleck (25%) ending 5th in GC was simply great: if you wached the stages, only where he arrived second the team made an effort, with Fabian pulling hard like in the old good times. But with only 6 riders you can't do that everyday. They did their best anyway so no criticism is allowed.

I adsume t
hat 'somebody' else was Mosquera, or P.Velits (11%): they did a great race. But I am surprised that only few voted for Rodriguez (2%): in the hardest climb he was the strongest in my opinion. Anton was awfully unlucky, I'm sure he could reach the podium and maybe also win because Euskaltel looked very compact and strong.
Ok, I know what some of you are thinking now: why some Spaniards are so strong only in Spain? there are many answers: of course they are more motivated to win the main race in their homeland, like Italians in Giro and French r
iders in TdF; then, guys like Mosquera (till now) race in a little team, but that isn't the case for Anton, Euskatel is a good team... there is another, less generous hypothesis... but I don't want to talck about, already lots of people do.
Lets have a look to the point classification instead: Frank is 1oth here! what a nice surprise! No surprise for Cav 1st and Farrar 2nd, but Nibali 3th is very good. A big bravo to Gilbert (5th), the best finisseur in Cyclodome.

Frankie is 10th also in the mountain classification, won by Moncoutie. My bravo is for Nieve and Tschopp: two attacking boy that I really liked in this Vuleta (Tschopp already in the Giro).
In the combination classification Frank is 5th!!

Yesterday Big Bro twitted (also): "Very happy to end my season in good way,also was my last race for bjarne lots of emotions and to bjarne thx for all those years n great"

And now... I'm looking forward to the Italian classics: no Coppa Sabatini, but yes Emilia, Beghelli, Milano-Torino and finally Lombardia. I already booked my hotel in Bologna...
Fabian to Schlecks is still unconfirmed. But the lively discussion in last post comment-area is interesting, because show different feelings about all that stuff by different supporters and countries. I don't like harsh tones but am not going to censure anybody, simply try to exprime your opinion in a correct and polite way. We are all adults and we perfetly know how that works. And... yes, they read that blog now and then ;)
Pic 1 by Álvaro Astiz Conde, Pic 2 by Enrico Tesi
Final GC
1 Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo 87:18:31
2 Ezequiel Mosquera (Spa) Xacobeo Galicia 0:00:43
3 Peter Velits (Svk) Team HTC-Columbia 0:03:04
4 Joaquin Rodriguez (Spa) Team Katusha 0:04:22
5 Frank Schleck (Lux) Team Saxo Bank 0:04:45
6 Xavier Tondo (Spa) Cervélo Test Team 0:04:54
7 Nicolas Roche (Irl) Ag2R-La Mondiale 0:05:05
8 Carlos Sastre (Spa) Cervélo Test Team 0:06:08
9 Tom Danielson (USA) Garmin-Transitions 0:06:18
10 Luis-Leon Sanchez (Spa) Caisse d’Epargne 0:07:44
Poll results
Frank Schleck
9 (25%)
Vincenzo Nibali
18 (51%)
Joaquin Rodriguez
1 (2%)
Igor Anton
3 (8%)
Somebody else
4 (11%)
Point class.
1 Mark Cavendish (GBr) Team HTC-Columbia 156 pts
2 Tyler Farrar (USA) Garmin-Transitions 149
3 Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo 120
4 Joaquin Rodriguez (Spa) Team Katusha 110
5 Philippe Gilbert (Bel) Omega Pharma-Lotto 104
6 Ezequiel Mosquera (Spa) Xacobeo Galicia 97
7 Peter Velits (Svk) Team HTC-Columbia 88
8 David Moncoutie (Fra) Cofidis, le crédit en ligne 72
9 Nicolas Roche (Irl) Ag2R-La Mondiale 63
10 Frank Schleck (Lux) Team Saxo Bank 62
Mountain cass.
1 David Moncoutie (Fra) Cofidis, le crédit en ligne 51 pts
2 Serafin Martinez (Spa) Xacobeo Galicia 43
3 Ezequiel Mosquera (Spa) Xacobeo Galicia 36
4 Joaquin Rodriguez (Spa) Team Katusha 29
5 Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo 26
6 Luis-Leon Sanchez (Spa) Caisse d’Epargne 25
7 Gonzalo Rabunal (Spa) Xacobeo Galicia 25
8 Mikel Nieve (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi 21
9 Johann Tschopp (Swi) BBOX Bouygues Telecom 18
10 Frank Schleck (Lux) Team Saxo Bank 17
Combination class.
1 Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo 9 pts
2 Ezequiel Mosquera (Spa) Xacobeo Galicia 11
3 Joaquin Rodriguez (Spa) Team Katusha 12
4 David Moncoutie (Fra) Cofidis, le crédit en ligne 23
5 Frank Schleck (Lux) Team Saxo Bank 25


Fabian Cancellara goes to Schlekcs!!!


Fabian Cancellara bleibt Teamkollege der Gebrüder Schleck.

Fabian Cancellara wird Exklusivinformationen des Luxemburger Wort zufolge in der kommenden Saison für das Team Luxemburg fahren. Er wird also auch in Zukunft Teamkollege der Gebrüder Schleck sein. Der 29-Jährige ist dreifacher Weltmeister und Olympiasieger im Zeitfahren.

Am Samstag wurde bekannt, dass der Schweizer seinen noch bis 2011 laufenden Vertrag beim Team Saxo Bank vorzeitig aufgelöst hat.


Voices from Saxo Bank about Vuelta and more

Pic by Sirotti


Fränk Schleck (Saxo Bank) - fourth on stage, fifth overall @ 4:43: "I'm quite satisfied with my Vuelta at the end of the day. Today I did everything I could. I took the initiative but it wasn't a climb for me."

Frankie, you were great. Nothing to add. To get a second and a 4th place in the hardest montain stages and to finish 5th in the Vuelta after such a recent crash & surgery, without the help of three important team mates and in that strange, unpleasant mood... All that shows you are a true champion, and serious man focused on his job. Congrats. And bravo to Larson, Lund, Klostergaard and Klemme who pulled for you till the end. Bravo also to JJ Haedo who well sprinted when that was the case. Saxo Bank was a dream team. RIP

Saxo Bank directeur sportif Bradley McGee: "What a spectacle, this stage up to Bola del Mundo! It's been a fantastic fight. I've appreciated the work done by the six riders left in our team.

"We've taken care of some misbehaving during this race. I'm still waiting for a decent explanation for Fabian Cancellara's withdrawal. But Fränk Schleck's fifth place at the end is pretty good. I've enjoyed the Vuelta a lot.

"The course was great and the actors have been great too. I'm looking forward to come back next year. It should be with a Spanish leader [Alberto Contador] in our team if everything goes according to plan."

The Fabian Gate: 2 articles

1) http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/bjarne-riis-says-fabian-cancellara-can-leave-saxo-bank

Bjarne Riis says Fabian Cancellara can leave Saxo Bank

Releases world time trial cha m pion from remaining year on c ontract

Bjarne Riis has confirmed that Fabian Cancellara will leave Team Saxo Bank at the end of this season, although he still has a year on his contract.

“I would say that Fabian and I have made an agreement that he can be released from his contract. This means that he is not looking at our team for next year,” Riis said in an interview on TV 2 Spo

rten Saturday afternoon.

“Fabian and I have had some fantastic years away, but it must end now. We agree that it is best that our paths separate. And we look forward to some new goals. Fabian cannot be replaced. So be it. But there must be a willingness and desire to

ride on our cycling team,” Riis said, implying that Cancellara no longer met that criterion.

Cancellara abandoned the Vuelta a Espana Friday only 20km into the stage, much to the apparent displeasure of team management. The world time trial champion told Sporten.dk that same evening that he was “thinking of my own ambitions and goals right now.”

Cancellara would be only one of many big names to leave the Danish team. Brothers Andy and Fränk Schleck are leaving to form a new team in Luxembourg, Matti Breschel is going to Rabobank, and both Stuart O'Grady and Jens Voigt have said they will leave as well.

Riis has signed Tour de France winner Alberto Contador for the coming year.

Cyclingnews will have more on this story as it develops.

2) http://www.wort.lu/wort/web/sport/artikel/2010/09/114928/wechselt-fabian-cancellara-zum-team-luxemburg.php

Wechselt Fabian Cancellara zum Team Luxemburg?

(dpa/jot). - Der Schweizer Radprofi Fabian Cancellara verlässt wie erwartet das Team Saxo Bank des Dänen Bjarne Riis. Riis bestätigte dem Kopenhagener Sender TV2 Sport am Samstag am Rande der Vuelta, dass er sich mit dem 29-jährigen Zeitfahrspezialisten auf eine vorzeitige Auflösung des bis 2011 laufenden Vertrages geeinigt hat.
Olympiasieger Cancellara hatte seit längerem angedeutet, dass er einen neuen Arbeitgeber sucht. In der Radsportszene wird darüber spekuliert, ob er seinen Teamkollegen Andy und Fränk Schleck zum "Team Luxemburg" folgt.


Short translation

Hey! German isn't my cup of tea! but I thing that translation can help you :)

Team Luxembourg: Investments also in a youth team? Talcks planned between team manager K.Andersen and boss of team differdange Gabriel Gatti.

The Cycling Project Luxembourg will be officially introduced in the second half of October. The new funded team with the Schleck bros at the top asked for a pro tour licence for 2011.

Aside the Schleck duo with Tom Stamsnijder, Joost Posthuma and Brice Feillu already three foreing riders have been officially known, who will also race for Team Lux in the next season.

Other names ( Stuart O'Grady, Jakob Fuglsang, Dominic Klemme, Jens Voigt) will follow in a little while. Also the sponsors line completed when in the evening of wednesday Merceds made official its cooperation in financing the team supported by the builder and investor Flavio Becca.

A budget between 15 and 20 milions of Euros

On an ammount of 15 and 20 milions of Euros should be the whole budget of the team; but contracting is still going on. According with our infos, the ambicious pro tour team of Nyagaard and Andersen should not be limitated only to the main cathegory. A possibility is that the Continental team Differdange works as a youth-team, so the promising talents would have a perfect milieu to grow up. In the next days Andersen and G.Gatti will have a talcks. There should be clearered if they will work together and exactly how.

New Team Luxemburg: Article by Wort.lu

Thx to Mariska for this pic ;)
Radsport / "Team Luxemburg"
Investitionen auch in eine Nachwuchs-Truppe?
Gespräch zwischen Teamchef Kim Andersen und Differdinger Teamchef Gab. Gatti geplant

(jg) - Das „Cycling Project Luxembourg“ wird der Öffentlichkeit zwar erst in der zweiten Oktober-Hälfte vorgestellt werden, doch die Gerüchteküche um das neu gegründete Team – welches mit den Schleck-Brüdern Fränk und Andy an der Spitze eine ProTour-Lizenz für 2011 beantragt hat – brodelt weiter. Neben dem Schleck-Duo haben mit Tom Stamsnijder, Joost Posthuma und Brice Feillu bereits drei ausländische Fahrer offiziell bekannt gegeben, dass sie kommende Saison ebenfalls für das „Team Luxemburg“ fahren werden.

Weitere Namen (u. a. Stuart O'Grady, Jakob Fuglsang, Dominic Klemme, Jens Voigt) werden in Kürze folgen. Auch die Reihe der Sponsoren komplettiert sich nach und nach, erst am Mittwochabend bestätigte Mercedes offiziell seine Kooperation mit der finanziell von Bauunternehmer und Investor Flavia Becca unterstützten Truppe.

Budget zwischen 15 und 20 Millionen Euro

Auf eine Summe von 15 bis 20 Millionen Euro soll sich das Budget des Teams bei der Fertigstellung des Gesamt-Pakets belaufen; noch sind allerdings nicht alle Gespräche beendet und sämtliche Verträge unterzeichnet. Unseren Informationen zufolge, soll sich das ambitiöse ProTourTeam allerdings nicht nur auf die mögliche ProTour-Mannschaft von Manager Brian Nygaard und Teamchef Kim Andersen begrenzen: Ein Zehntel des Etats soll der Jugendförderung zugute kommen.

Eine in Betracht gezogene Möglichkeit ist die, das Differdinger Kontinental-Team als Art Junioren-Mannschaft funktionieren zu lassen und so den durch Kim Kirchen und die Schleck-Brüder ausgelösten Boom und die rasant steigende Anzahl der Lizenzierten in den Jugend-Klassen gerecht zu werden. Den vielversprechendsten Talenten würde somit ein nahezu optimaler Kader zur Weiterentwicklung geboten werden. In den kommenden Tagen werden sich Andersen und der Differdinger Teamchef Gab. Gatti zu einem Gespräch treffen. Hier soll dann geklärt werden, ob es zu einer Zusammenarbeit kommt, und wie diese genau aussehen wird.

No peace for Riis

It's just a joke, it sounds so funny. Don't kill me please Riis fans blog mates! More seriously, Frank lost a position yesterday (now he's 5) and another important helper. Bola du Mundo today: fingers crossed... Bur really the mood in SB is turning awful :(
Pic by Sirotti

Saxo Bank angry over Cancellara's Vuelta exit


Swiss rider said he needs rest and time with his family

The relationship between Fabian Cancellara and his Saxo Bank team seems to have worsened after the Swiss rider unexpectedly dropped out of the Vuelta a España on Friday afternoon, only 20km into the stage.

“Everyone on the team has worked their ass off in the last few weeks. It's just not OK. That is not how we do things,” directeur sportif Bradley McGee told Sporten.tv2.dk. “But if he has to do it, he has to do it. He is the one who must be able to sleep at night. I just feel sorry for him.

“I want an explanation from Fabian and I think he owes an explanation to his teammates, as to why he left here without even saying goodbye,” he added.

McGee told the Reuters news agency that “We are extremely disappointed with Fabian's exit. It is not the way a great champion should behave. He decided to get off the bike for still unknown reasons. He hurried to the airport to catch a plane, and now he has turned off his cell phone.”

Cancellara gave only a minimal explanation, saying on his twitter “Quit today la vuelta. It was the best way. Need some rest and stay with family. 2 days no bike and after restart prep. For the worlds. “

Sporten.dk talked to Cancellara at the Madrid airport Friday evening, and said that he did not appear particularly bothered by leaving the race. He confirmed that he was considering all of his options for a possible new team for next year.

“I have to watch what I say, especially in Denmark. But it is true that I am also thinking of my own ambitions and goals right now. It is also why I take every offer seriously, " he said.


Fabian out of Vuelta and...

Uncertain future for Cancellara

Pic by Gered Gruber

2011 team choice, Worlds participation still pending as Swiss abandons Vuelta

Fabian Cancellara has abandoned the Vuelta a Espana midway through stage 19 with doubts still hanging over both his participation in the upcoming Worlds in Melbourne, Australia, and his choice of team for next year. Still under contract with Saxo Bank's Bjarne Riis for one more season, the Swiss powerhouse meanwhile admitted to L'Equipe this morning that he was negotiating his current commitment.

Rumour has it that Cancellara could buy himself out of his current contract in view of joining another team, possibly the new outfit created around the Schleck brothers in Luxembourg. But another new squad, Australian Pegasus Racing has also contacted Cancellara's agent, as well as the American BMC team. Asked where he would race next year, the two-time Paris-Roubaix winner told L'Equipe, "I still have one more year of contract with Saxo Bank and we are currently discussing it."

The Swiss rider could thus decide to leave the team, just like he could opt to stay. "Bjarne and I are adults and every one of us needs to find his advantages in the deal. I want our discussions to focus on the human and professional aspect of my career, and not only on numbers," he added.

Cancellara has worked with three team managers in his professional career: First with Patrick Lefevere at Mapei (2001-2002), then with Giancarlo Ferretti at Fassa Bortolo (2003-2005), and finally with Riis at CSC and later Saxo Bank (since 2006). "I think I have always taken the right decisions in my career. Every year, I've taken it one step further."

But now, the mutliple world champion wants to "remain the leader of my destiny. I haven't settled my future yet. I don't want to hurt Bjarne, nor Alberto [Contador, the new team leader]... not even Fränk [Schleck]," he said.

His participation in the Worlds two weeks from now is also still uncertain. Having been beaten by Peter Velits and Denis Menchov in the last time trial at the Vuelta, 'Spartacus' may be a bit tired at this end of a season that saw him win many prestigious races.

"I want to be at a 100 percent of my abilities before deciding whether I take part or not," he admitted. "At this event, I have more to lose than to gain if I'm not at the top. I have a status that I need to honour: by winning Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, two stages at the Tour and having worn the yellow jersey, I think I have achieved a great year. I have nothing further to prove."


Yes we like... Jonny Bellis: exclusive by Allez Andy!

Quarrata, Bar Grazia... waiting for Jonny Bellis who is about to leave to Tour of Britain, his first stages race of the year, the 3th after National Championship and GP de Plouay, where he joined team Saxo Bank for the first time since his awful crash. He looks good, Jonny, and it seems almost a miracle to me shaking hands and siting down chattering with him.
I live in Florence, you know, and was absolutely shocked one year ago when I read on the local newspaper that a young pro-cyclist from UK has been hit by a car near Pistoia in a friday night and was in desperate conditions at the hospital of my city. Unfortunately that day always comes to my memory when I think to Jonny but I don't want to speack to much about that because fortunately he's alive and racing, that's the past and the future looks promising, with a new contract just signed with Saxo Bank-Sungard.
Talcking about the team I can't avoid to ask him about the news of day: the Gazzetta is open on the table and I show him the scaldalistic title "Schleck cacciato...etc etc". I translate: Jonny lives in Italy since almost 5 years but doesn't speack Italian yet. "I also had an Italian girl friend" he says "But she spoke a very good English and that wasn't good for me: I wasn't forced to learn Italian... and I didn't". I'm kinda impressed by the fact he came back living and traing here, in these narrow country roads lost in fields and garden centers where he risked to die. "Here it's my home, I stay here" Jonny says.
Like Marc Cavendish he's from the Isle of Man: "How does it come that so many good racers was borne in that small island?" I ask: "No so much to do there if you don't ride your bike. And see, to race we have to take the boat, to go to England and you don't do all that to end 6th or 12th, you want to win." That is. But Jonny not only rode his bike when he was a kid: he tell me that each day of the week he attended to a different sport and was also in the rugby nationa team. "At that age sport is just for fun" he adds signing a paper to my son "Then you change a lot growing up. Some children are very strong and win a lot but afterwards they are no more so good and often stop cycling...". He is a child no more, but still so young! He just turn 22 but his career is already long and good: have a look here http://www.jonnybellis.com/Palmares.htm
He left his family and country really young to live and train in Italy with the U23 nationa team but says he doesn't miss them so much: "In Italy young people stay at home with parents who do everything for them, instead we are used to leave quite young and all is on our shoulders." That doesn'ts seem a bad thing to me: they learn early to be indipendent and to look after their life in a responsable way. But Jonny must agree that Italy isn't like England – or in general Europe – as far as public offices are concerned... He spent 2 hours at the post office this morning to send his new signed conctract to SB, and on Wednesday afternoon ALL is closed...
"Did anything change in yor feeling about cycling after that crash?", "No, not really. I'm simply behind with traing and shape so I must make up for lost time." I ask if the police found out anything and he tells me the whole story – I feel a bit guilty to make him do it again: "They hit me. I was coming home by scooter, that car with some boys and girls arrived very fast, they hit me from behinde then stoped and called the police. They said I was waving but that isn't true. I wasn't drunk, they were. They came to see me at the hospital, to check if I was alive. They said: he's ok and went away. I didn't hear anything from them after.", "And you weren't ok, I mean... you risked to die.", "Yeah, I opened my eyes a few month after! I'm still bittered, they could say 'sorry', admit they hit me, but now, after one year, it would make no sense."
Jonny can't drive yet because after he have been injuried at his head he must pass a test and still didn't, Quarrata doesn't have a rail station and so he walcks around attending in this small village to all his business. And he rides his bike of course, training with the many English racers living here, like Marc Cavendish, and with mates of Team Saxo Bank like CA Sorensen who houses in Lucca.
"Roads are dangerous" we agree. I tell him about Tommaso, the 13 yo team mate of my son killed few weeks ago by a car while training, and his memory goes to that surreal crash where his 16 yo mate was killed by the big wheel of a track unbelivablely came off and rolled in the middle of the road. Jonny, Cav and the others had the time to jump off their bikes but for that kid there was nothing to do. He's still upset, and me too listening to that story. We remain in silence for a while.
"So you leave to Tour of Britain now", "Yeah, tomorrow morning, very early. I'm really happy to join the team again. That's a challenge for me: my first stages race, I don't know how I'm going to go, it will be pretty tyring but I'm glad the team gives me the opportunity to try."
He didn't go well: retired in the first stage, he said me that night: "I wasn't able to stay with the peloton." But ok, it was right to try.
"Is that your last race for this season?", "Yes, as a conseguence of the crash I got an erny at the stomach so after Tour of Britain I'll go home to the Isle of Mann and then to London where I'll have another surgery to remove it. And then my season is over."
We met at 6pm because I wanted to watch Vuelta but to get my tran I lost the finish. "How did Frank go?" I ask "I didn't see the stage, Italian tv doesn't show it and I can't watch it in streaming because the internet I use is slow and not mine." It's almost 8pm now and the evening comes sweetly down. It's time to say good bye, and good luck.