A Belgian Break 8: Gypsies in Brugge and NYE in Gent

I start feeling sad. My break-away in Belgium is about to end, I'm really satisfied about my job but have no will at all to g back to Italy. I already miss the cyclocross and all the nice people I met here. One day it's too short when you waited so long and in the end you have nothing to say, or too much.
The year is ending too. Not a good one for me and I'm happy to let it behind. I came to celebrate it here in Gent, far from everything and a little random. This morning we woke up in a rainy but sunny Oostende, icely cold. We took the train to Brugge and spent there the morning: I had been already in this town many years ago and must say it's still charming... but too much touristic. It's always sad when people sell their own city, and living in Florence I well know this. The center was very crowded, Michelangelo's Madonna very sweet, severe and thoughtful like an ancient greek statue, but the best moment of the day was in the peaceful Beginage, white and green, silent, far from the world. Walking by the canal I could feel the history of the town slowly going with the stream: the passed day of Brugge grandeur, the long centuries of abandon, the new life as a touristic aim... It kept a flavour of lost land.
We arrived in Gent in the afternoon, had a look to the city center and finally rest in our home for the night, not far from the rail station. Our guest is a very nice Belgian guy and he invited us to celebrate the New Years Eve with him and his friends: good food, good beer, then in the street counting for the last midnight of the year. In a foreing country, with strange people... But that's my life: I don't belong. Now you know.

Happy New Year!


A Belgian Break 7: Gypsies in Oostende and Bredene Cyclocross

Dark red at first, like coagulated blood, then rosy then softly orange then gold. Then, from the changing cloudy stretch, a pure light sphere emerged. Wind farms on a flat land and somewhere the sea. We left Antwerpen at dawn after a night passed in a last minute accomodation that with an understatement I'd say 'basic' - in fact we slept clothed and with our wool cap on. It was clean though, and near the river. The view from our train was such a breathtaking beauty that I forgot to check the exact location of the cyclocross in Bredene.
We arrived in Oostende about 10 am: windy and cold, the harbour looked like at the end of the world. Our bnb is in Mariakerke-bad, by the coast, so we dropped our backpacks and went directly to the immense beach facing the North Sea. It was so beautiful! we walked to the city center and we had a good lunch at a fair price Chez Freddy, near the Casino. Leaving the beach was hard but we had to reach Bredene by tranway and to find the cross.
It was easy in the end. Too easy as far as the race is concerned. Yesterday Angus Edmond said it's a boring race and honestly it is: a flat circuit in a public park, just a little moved by a small steep artificial hill. Nevertheless it was crowded. We only watched the Elite Men race and the winner was Dieter Vanthourenhout, who early broke away and wasn't caught. Behind there was a large chasing group and Sven Nys considered Gianni Vermeersch exagerately aggressive, a - verbal! - fight ensued and finally the young one apologised. 
I saw few of that because I was busy taking pictures of the podium and then I ran to the camper of Klaas Vantornout. He made my day! 3rd, he arrived from the podium just after me, saw me, said "Hi!" and winked. His bike was ready on the roller and he started pedaling while a neverending procession of fans was posing at his side for a picture. He looked happy, calm and very friendly. I was respectfully standing and looking at him when he said: "Don't you want a picture too? Yes?come!". Of course I do! and I think my smile says it all.
With Klaas!
Our day finished in a café in the center of Oostende where we had an early dinner with tea and crêpes. Then we had a look to the splendid cathedral and to the harbour. Did I already said it was COLD?

MORE PICTURES TO COME (when I'm at home).

Elite Men
4 ADAMS Joeri
7 JOSEPH Thomas
9 SWEECK Hendrik
11 HUYS Stijn
12 NYS Sven
14 HOFMAN Bart
15 VAN DEN HAM Michael
16 VENS Quincy
19 SPRAGG James
22 MARTIN Jeremy
23 KOYEN Niels
25 GOOSSEN Wouter
26 BONNE Jenko

U12 Men and Elite Women HERE


A Belgian Break 6: Azencross in Loenhout

Me with Angus Edmond after the race
It's late and I'm exhausted: we woke up early to be in Loenhout at the start of the Azencross where I was finally going to meet Angus Edmond. It was more or less one year since the last time I have seen him, in Diegem and I was looking forward.
I spent all the day glued to him so you'll have a full reportage as soon as I edit my tons of pictures. And some story too.
The race wasn't that good: a cloudygray sky, some rains, some sun, a beautiful sunset on the green land dotted of small houses and cows. The church. A fast and tricky circuit.
I'm glad that Sanne Cant won even if I saw few of it because I was with Angus at the Malteni-Niner car. It has been interesting to follow from close a cross rider's day. And a pleasure of course given that he's a dear friend!

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Sanne Cant
Sanne Cant:
“I wanted to say goodbye to the Belgian tricolore jersey in style. From Baal on I have to ride in the European jersey.”

Tom Meeusen:
“2015 has been a difficult year for me. It’s nice to conclude it in this way. My rivals sincerely congratulated me here at the finish with being back at my level. I’m pleased to be back at my level too. The win came partly due to my technical skills and due to the timing of my attack but I won a round in the series anyway, I’m happy. I knew that once I had a bonus of 15 seconds it would be hard to get me back. I’m not losing time on the technical sections. If the chasers go faster than me on the long straight sections they pay the price in the technical sections. It’s a vicious circle but it helped that the chase was slacked up. 

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Tom Meeusen
Tim Merlier:
“Just before hitting the final lap Wout rode by and told me he would lead out the sprint for me. I thought ‘oh no, just let me do my thing’ but it’s great we managed second and third place."

Lars van der Haar:
"What a horrible cross #azencross. Without mud it's to dangerous. Last lap I lost all control with jumping. Pfffff 14th in this bmx road race."
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Junior Men
1.Thijs Wolsink
2. Spencer Petrov
3.Jari De Clercq
U23 Men
1.Daan Hoeyberghs
2.Quinten Hermans,
3.Daan Soete
Elite Women

Elite Men
1 Tom Meeusen (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:55:53
2 Tim Merlier (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Cycling Team 0:00:18
3 Wout Van Aert (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Cycling Team
4 Laurens Sweeck (Bel) Era - Murprotec
5 Radomir Simunek (Cze) Era - Murprotec 0:00:19
6 Gianni Vermeersch (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team
7 Mathieu Van der Poel (Ned) BKCP - Corendon
8 Corne Van Kessel (Ned) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:00:20
9 Julien Taramarcaz (Sui) Era - Murprotec 0:00:21
10 Sven Nys (Bel) Crelan - AA Drink Team 0:00:22
11 Michael Vanthourenhout (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team 0:00:23
12 Kevin Pauwels (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team 0:00:24
13 Toon Aerts (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
14 Lars Van Der Haar (Ned) Team Giant - Alpecin 0:00:25
15 David Van der Poel (Ned) BKCP - Corendon 0:00:37
16 Vincent Baestaens (Bel) BKCP - Corendon 0:01:01
17 Twan Van Den Brand (Ned) Orange Babies Cycling Team
18 Diether Sweeck (Bel) Era - Murprotec 0:01:02
19 Jan Denuwelaere (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Cycling Team 0:01:16
20 Jim Aernouts (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:01:20
21 Sven Vanthourenhout (Bel) Crelan - AA Drink Team
22 Rob Peeters (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Cycling Team 0:01:30
23 Thijs Van Amerongen (Ned) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:01:39
24 Joeri Adams (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Cycling Team 0:02:23
25 Niels Wubben (Ned) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:02:36
26 Hendrik Sweeck (Bel) Era - Murprotec 0:03:16
27 Patrick Van Leeuwen (Ned) Orange Babies Cycling Team 0:03:31
28 Dieter Vanthourenhout (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team 0:03:33
29 Michael Boros (Cze) BKCP - Corendon 0:03:59
30 Philipp Walsleben (Ger) BKCP - Corendon 0:04:02
31 Lars Boom (Ned) Astana 0:04:07
32 Michael Van Den Ham (Can) 0:04:10
33 Dave De Cleyn (Bel) Cycling Team Zemst VZW 0:04:11
34 Niels Koyen (Bel) CCN - Metalac Cycling team 0:04:23
35 Severin Saegesser (Sui) 0:04:27
36 Nicolas Samparisi (Ita) 0:04:38
37 Travis Livermon (USA) 0:05:14
38 Quentin Jauregui (Fra) 0:05:26
39 Martin Eriksson (Swe) -1 Lap
40 Garry Millburn (Aus)
41 Jeremy Martin (Can)
42 Fabian Obrist (Sui) -2 Laps
43 Markus Schulte-Luenzum (Ger)
44 Edwin De Wit (Bel) Rupelspurters Boom
45 Mark Mcconnell (Can)
46 Yannick Mayer (Ger)
47 Christophe Cavazzana (Fra) -3 Laps
48 Angus Edmond (Aus)
49 Gilles Tresserre (Fra) -4 Laps
50 Shinya Ikemoto Chn)
51 Shintaro Nakama (Chn)
52 Mario Matijevic (Bel) -5 Laps
DNF Florent Ligney (Fra)
DNF Kevin Cant (Bel) Era - Murprotec
DNS Lorenzo Samparisi (Ita)


A Belgian Break 5: Gypsies in Antwerpen

Waiting for the sunset on the Schelde, at peace with the world. That was my best moment today. The large river in front, silence and the sun slowly descending while the skyline of the city was just a dark silhouette. 
Antwerpen is big, lively and busy. His cathedral is a wonder of beauty. But I prefer the rusted rest of the ancient harbour, the barges, the cranes. Give me a good beer and a good man, I'd stay here till night, softly chattering and listening to the wave of the traffic - far, somewhere...
We arrived from Leuven in the morning, admired the new rail station, walked to the center, had a go to the big wheel, strolled by the river, had a coffee and later a good Belgian dinner. I like this place. About cherry beer I keep my reserve...

A Belgian Break 3: Zolder WC

What a sun in Zolder today! And what a race! We left Namur at dawn and took a train to Leuven where we dropped our backpacks and we ran to catch the train to Zolder. From the rail station to the race circuit is a long way, we started walking but fortunately we found a lift.
At 3 pm we where at the barrier and the elite men race was on. Unfortunately we missed the previous ones. Among the U23 Men Eli Iserbyt crashed out when he was very well placed and the victory went to Joris Nieuwenhuis. Among the Elite Women Sanne Cant won.
A cyclocross live is always great but today it was simply amazing because of the glorious weather and the fact that almost immediately Lars van der Haar was in front and leading. 
Since two laps to go it looked like a Dutch duel between van der Haar and van der Poel, with Pauwels as 3rd. Then Lars punctured, Pauwels passed him and he was 3rd on the finish line.
I went to his camper, Lucy Garner was already there while Lars arrived after the podium cerimony: he looked good, calm and content. Resigned? I hope no. 
Kind like always he came to pose for pictures with fans, children expecially. I said hi and gave me back a big smile.
Then, a long way back to Leuven: by bus to Hasselt and from there by train. A perfect dinner in the center of Leuven  crowned a perfect day. Only regret, Angus Edmond didn't start, he isn't feeling good. But I hope he's fine tomorrow and we'll meet in Diegem.
I have many pictures and stories in store for when I will be at home, that's just an appetiser!

Mathieu van der Poel:
“It was really hard to make a difference. It was just before the hardest part of the course with the running section and the uphill I saw that Lars had a flat tyre. I thought that it was the right moment to make the move because I had the feeling that Lars was the strongest, a bit stronger than me this day [sic]. It’s a race that really suits him
I knew Pauwels rode his own pace. What I predicted ahead of the race came true, that Kevin and Lars would be my biggest rivals on this course. I felt good but not super. I knew it would be hard in the final lap because Kevin was pushing on. I had to dig deep again. I’m really confident now. The conditions can be very different in seven weeks. There can be snow as well. I’m more confident now than if I would be tenth."

Embedded image permalink
Van der Poel wins on Pauwels and van der Haar
Lars van der Haar:
"Good day in Zolder! Happy about my race. To bad of the late puncture :( Might have cost me the victory here. Though glad @mathieuvdpoel won."

Elite Men
1 Mathieu Van Der Poel (Ned) BKCP-Corendon 1:09:03  
2 Kevin Pauwels (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team 0:00:02  
3 Lars Van Der Haar (Ned) Team Giant - Alpecin 0:00:46  
4 Tom Meeusen (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:01:10  
5 Klaas Vantornout (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team 0:01:11  
6 Clement Venturini (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits 0:01:17  
7 Tim Merlier (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Continental Team 0:01:20  
8 Wout Van Aert (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Continental Team  
9 Corne Van Kessel (Ned) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team  
10 Sven Nys (Bel) Crelan-AA Drink 0:01:21  
11 Toon Aerts (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team  
12 Michael Boros (Cze) BKCP-Corendon 0:01:28  
13 Laurens Sweeck (Bel) Era Real Estate - Murprotec 0:01:29  
14 Gianni Vermeersch (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team 0:02:08  
15 Stan Godrie (Ned) Rabobank Development Team 0:02:20  
16 Jeremy Powers (USA) Aspire 0:02:24  
17 Vincent Baestaens (Bel) BKCP-Corendon 0:02:25  
18 Michael Vanthourenhout (Bel) Sunweb - Napoleon Games Cycling Team  
19 Simon Zahner (Swi)  
20 Jim Aernouts (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:02:26  
21 Julien Taramarcaz (Swi) Era Real Estate - Murprotec 0:02:30  
22 Marcel Wildhaber (Swi) Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team 0:02:33  
23 Stephen Hyde (USA) Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld 0:02:35  
24 Rob Peeters (Bel) Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace Continental Team 0:03:30  
Embedded image permalink
Sanne Cant
25 Steve Chainel (Fra) 0:03:41  
26 Ismael Esteban Aguando (Spa) 0:03:49  
27 Sascha Weber (Ger) CCT p/b Champion System 0:04:10  
28 Tomas Paprstka (Cze) Remerx-Merida Team Kolin 0:04:20  
29 Niels Wubben (Ned) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:04:29  
30 Jens Vandekinderen (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team  
31 Ian Field (GBr) 0:04:30  
32 Thijs Van Amerongen (Ned) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:05:05  
33 Mariusz Gil (Pol) 0:05:29  
34 Vojtech Nipl (Cze) 0:05:38  
35 Severin Saegesser (Swi) 0:05:40  
36 Javier Ruiz De Larrinaga Ibanez (Spa) 0:05:56  
37 Travis Livermon (USA) 0:06:01  
38 Ole Quast (Ger) 0:06:11  
39 Aaron Schooler (Can) 0:06:22  
40 Michael Van Den Ham (Can) 0:06:38  
41 Vincent Dias Dos Santos (Lux) 0:06:47  
42 Nicolas Samparisi (Ita) 0:07:03  
43 Lars Boom (Ned) Astana Pro Team 0:07:15  
44 Kenneth Hansen (Den)  
45 Jeremy Martin (Can)  
46 Vladimir Kyzivat (Cze)  
47 Gusty Bausch (Lux)  
48 Michal Malik (Cze)  
49 Lorenzo Samparisi (Ita) Merida Italia Team  
50 Garry Millburn (Aus)  
51 Matej Lasak (Cze)  
52 Yu Takenouchi (Jpn) Veranclassic - Ekoi  
53 Christian Helmig (Lux) Team Differdange - Losch  
54 Robert Marion (USA)  
55 Mark Mcconnell (Can)  
56 Ulrich Theobald (Ger)  
57 Johann Rigoulay (Fra)  
58 Yannick Mayer (Ger) Bike Aid  
59 Christophe Cavazzana (Fra)  
60 James Spragg (GBr) CCT p/b Champion System  
61 Daniel Ania Gonzalez (Spa)
Junior Men
1 Thomas Bonnet (Fra) France 0:41:13  
2 Jappe Jaspers (Bel) Belgium 0:00:02  
3 Tanguy Turgis (Fra) France 0:00:03  
4 Mickael Crispin (Fra) France 0:00:29  
5 Gage Hecht (USA) United States of America 0:00:39  
6 Seppe Rombouts (Bel) Belgium  
7 Florian Vermeersch (Bel) Belgium 0:00:40  
8 Toon Vandebosch (Bel) Belgium 0:00:44  
9 Thymen Arensman (Ned) Netherlands 0:00:45  
10 Kevin Kuhn (Swi) Switzerland 0:00:48  
11 Spencer Petrov (USA) United States of America 0:00:50  
12 Quentin Navarro (Fra) France 0:01:01  
13 Mitch Groot (Ned) Netherlands 0:01:14  
14 Thijs Wolsink (Ned) Netherlands 0:01:29  
15 Reno Bauters (Bel) Belgium-B 0:01:30  
16 Jarne Driesen (Bel) Belgium  
17 Jokin Alberdi (Spa) Spain 0:01:40  
18 Thomas Pidcock (GBr) Great Britain 0:01:47  
19 Marino Noordam (Ned) Netherlands 0:01:48  
20 Niklas Markl (Ger) Germany 0:01:52  
21 Antonio Folcarelli (Ita) Italy 0:01:53  
22 Andreas Lund Andresen (Den) Denmark 0:01:54  
23 Jarno Liessens (Bel) Belgium 0:01:56  
24 Vaclav Sirucek (Cze) Czech Republic 0:01:57  
25 Daniel Tulett (GBr) Great Britain 0:01:58  
26 Eric Brunner (USA) United States of America 0:02:00  
27 Timo Kielich (Bel) Belgium-B 0:02:02  
28 Matthieu Legrand (Fra) France 0:02:07  
29 Alex Colman (Bel) Belgium-B 0:02:10  
30 Jakob Dorigoni (Ita) Italy 0:02:13  
31 Jofre Cullell Estape (Spa) Spain  
32 Ben Turner (GBr) Great Britain 0:02:20  
33 Tijl Pauwels (Bel) Belgium-B 0:02:21  
34 Maximilian Mobis (Ger) Germany 0:02:33  
35 Cameron Beard (USA) United States of America 0:02:43  
36 Paul Rudolph (Ger) Germany 0:02:50  
37 David Honzak (Cze) Czech Republic 0:02:51  
38 Denzel Stephenson (USA) United States of America 0:03:03  
39 Jari De Clercq (Bel) Belgium-B 0:03:09  
40 Michel Ries (Lux) Luxembourg 0:03:22  
41 Jan Gavenda (Cze) Czech Republic 0:03:32  
42 Jan Novak (Cze) Czech Republic  
43 Yannick Vrielink (Ned) Netherlands 0:03:34  
44 Felix Keiser (Lux) Luxembourg 0:03:38  
45 Arne Vrachten (Bel) Belgium-B 0:03:41  
46 Edoardo Xillo (Ita) Italy 0:03:45  
47 Misch Leyder (Lux) Luxembourg 0:04:00  
48 Tarik Haupt (Ger) Germany 0:04:06  
49 Evan Clouse (USA) United States of America 0:04:08  
50 Ken Conter (Lux) Luxembourg 0:04:15  
51 Hynek Palicka (Cze) Czech Republic 0:04:29  
52 Noah Fries (Lux) Luxembourg 0:04:41  
53 David Jary (Cze) Czech Republic 0:04:58  
54 Juri Hollmann (Ger) Germany 0:05:06  
55 Ted Pettersson (Swe) Sweden 0:05:13  
56 Jack Kok (Swe) Sweden 0:05:26  
57 Felix Schreiber (Lux) Luxembourg 0:05:33  
58 Noah Barrow (Aus) Australia 0:06:03  
59 Carl Soerensen (Den) Denmark 0:06:41  
60 Hakon Aalrust (Nor) Norway 0:07:04  
61 Gunnar Holmgren (Can) Canada 0:07:11  
62 Ben Walkerden (Aus) Australia 0:07:12  
63 Brody Sanderson (Can) Canada 0:08:12
U23 Men
1 Joris Nieuwenhuis (Ned) Netherlands 0:47:56  
2 Daan Hoeyberghs (Bel) Belgium 0:00:02  
3 Adam Toupalik (Cze) Czech Republic 0:00:04  
4 Quinten Hermans (Bel) Belgium 0:00:07  
5 Clement Russo (Fra) France 0:00:10  
6 Felipe Orts (Spa) Spain 0:00:12  
7 Gioele Bertolini (Ita) Italy 0:00:19  
8 Martijn Budding (Ned) Netherlands 0:00:21  
9 Simon Andreassen (Den) Denmark 0:00:22  
10 Sieben Wouters (Ned) Netherlands  
11 Daan Soete (Bel) Belgium 0:00:23  
12 Nicolas Cleppe (Bel) Belgium 0:00:41  
13 Timon Ruegg (Swi) Switzerland 0:00:54  
14 Kevin Suarez Fernandez (Spa) Spain  
15 Joshua Dubau (Fra) France 0:00:55  
16 Thijs Aerts (Bel) Belgium-B 0:01:11  
17 Lucas Dubau (Fra) France 0:01:13  
18 Curtis White (USA) United States of America 0:01:20  
19 Yorben Van Tichelt (Bel) Belgium 0:01:25  
20 Maik Van Der Heijden (Ned) Netherlands 0:01:29  
21 Tobin Ortenblad (USA) United States of America 0:01:33  
22 Stijn Caluwe (Bel) Belgium-B 0:01:37  
23 Felix Drumm (Ger) Germany 0:01:38  
24 Yannick Gruner (Ger) Germany  
25 Braam Merlier (Bel) Belgium-B 0:01:40  
26 Gosse Van Der Meer (Ned) Netherlands 0:01:41  
27 Nadir Colledani (Ita) Italy 0:01:42  
28 Mathieu Morichon (Fra) France 0:01:48  
29 Jelle Schuermans (Bel) Belgium-B 0:02:06  
30 Arne Tureluren (Bel) Belgium-B  
31 Berne Vankeirsbilck (Bel) Belgium-B 0:02:32  
32 Andrew Dillman (USA) United States of America 0:02:42  
33 Kelvin Bakx (Ned) Netherlands 0:02:47  
34 Max Lindenau (Ger) Germany 0:03:03  
35 Yannick Peeters (Bel) Belgium 0:03:05  
36 Adrian Sirek (Cze) Czech Republic 0:03:35  
37 Lukas Meiler (Ger) Germany 0:03:38  
38 Stepan Schubert (Cze) Czech Republic  
39 Adrian Garcia (Spa) Spain 0:03:52  
40 Grant Ellwood (USA) United States of America 0:04:05  
41 Manuel Muller (Ger) Germany 0:04:13  
42 Daniel Mayer (Cze) Czech Republic 0:04:19  
43 Nicholas Smith (Aus) Australia 0:04:20  
44 David Montgomery (Irl) Ireland  
45 Joel Grab (Swi) Switzerland 0:04:53  
46 Dennis Wahlqvist (Swe) Sweden 0:04:55  
47 David Eriksson (Swe) Sweden 0:04:58  
48 Gavin Haley (USA) United States of America 0:05:28  
49 Ola Jorde (Nor) Norway 0:05:58  
50 Luc Turchi (Lux) Luxembourg 0:06:14  
51 Mario Junquera (Spa) Spain 0:07:00  
52 Tom Rees (Lux) Luxembourg 0:07:35  
53 Isaac Niles (Can) Canada 0:07:50  
54 Rasmus Goetke (Den) Denmark  
55 Trevor O'donnell (Can) Canada
Elite Women
1 Sanne Cant (Bel) 0:45:02  
2 Katherine Compton (USA) 0:00:07  
3 Ellen Van Loy (Bel) 0:00:24  
4 Thalita De Jong (Ned) Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team 0:00:27  
5 Caroline Mani (Fra) 0:00:48  
6 Pavla Havlikova (Cze) 0:00:50  
7 Sabrina Stultiens (Ned) Team Liv-Plantur 0:00:52  
8 Eva Lechner (Ita) Team Colnago Sudtirol 0:00:53  
9 Sophie De Boer (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team 0:00:55  
10 Nikki Harris (GBr) 0:01:04  
11 Sanne Van Paassen (Ned) Boels Dolmans Cycling Team 0:01:10  
12 Helen Wyman (GBr) Kona Factory Team 0:01:32  
13 Chiara Teocchi (Ita) Bianchi I.Idro Drain 0:01:38  
14 Loes Sels (Bel) 0:01:43  
15 Maud Kaptheijns (Ned) 0:01:52  
16 Jolien Verschueren (Bel) 0:02:00  
17 Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) 0:02:14  
18 Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker 0:02:21  
19 Juliette Labous (Fra) 0:02:26  
20 Nikola Noskova (Cze) 0:02:28  
21 Alice Maria Arzuffi (Ita) Lensworld-Zannata 0:02:29  
22 Femke Van Den Driessche (Bel) 0:02:36  
23 Lucia Gonzalez Blanco (Spa) Lointek Team 0:02:40  
24 Aida Nuno Palacio (Spa) Lointek Team 0:02:52  
25 Meredith Miller (USA) 0:03:05  
26 Nadja Heigl (Aut) 0:03:14  
27 Amanda Miller (USA) 0:03:22  
28 Courtenay Mcfadden (USA) 0:03:25  
29 Emma White (USA) 0:03:29  
30 Lisa Jacobs (Aus) 0:03:30  
31 Ellen Noble (USA) 0:03:37  
32 Hannah Payton (GBr) 0:03:39  
33 Mical Dyck (Can) 0:03:50  
34 Esmee Oosterman (Ned) 0:03:55  
35 Joyce Vanderbeken (Bel) 0:03:58  
36 Crystal Anthony (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 0:04:00  
37 Laura Verdonschot (Bel) 0:04:07  
38 Alicia Gonzalez Blanco (Spa) Lointek Team 0:04:08  
39 Lise-Marie Henzelin (Swi) 0:04:09  
40 Bianca Van Den Hoek (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team 0:04:10  
41 Karen Verhestraeten (Bel) 0:04:24  
42 Maelle Grossetete (Fra)  
43 Evita Muzic (Fra) 0:04:29  
44 Asa Maria Erlandsson (Swe) 0:04:31  
45 Laure Bouteloup (Fra) 0:04:32  
46 Fleur Nagengast (Ned) 0:04:36  
47 Marlene Petit (Fra) 0:04:58  
48 Audrey Menut (Fra) Scott Creuse Oxygene Gueret 0:05:02  
49 Amira Mellor (GBr) 0:05:38  
50 Margriet Helena Kloppenburg (Den) 0:05:43  
51 Stefanie Paul (Ger) 0:05:45  
52 Martina Mikulaskova (Cze) 0:06:14  
53 Denisa Lukesova (Cze) 0:06:21  
54 Lucie Chainel-Lefevre (Fra) 0:06:45  
55 Irene Trabazo Bragado (Spa) 0:06:59  
56 Anna Schappert (Can) 0:07:03  
57 Denisa Minarikova-Svecova (Cze) 0:07:26  
58 Edie Antonia Rees (Lux) 0:07:56  
59 Elena Valentini (Ita) Team Vitalogic Astrokalb Nö Radunion 0:08:37  
60 Angelica Edvardsson (Swe) 0:09:21  
61 Yvonne Fiedler (Ger)  
62 Natalie Redmond (Aus)  
63 Monica Carrascosa (Spa)